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Professional British English voice-over talent... whenever you need a quality voiceover for your audio project.

Nice little selection of MP3 files below, even if I do say so myself! They'll give you an idea of how I sound on air, in a radio feature, promo or within an audiobook.

Hopefully, in the samples below, you'll hear that I'm a highly experienced, warm, versatile, down-to-earth Londoner, with a relaxed conversational style that's ideal for commercials, promos, on-hold messaging and narrations...enjoy!

By the way, the jingle at the bottom is there just because I really love hearing it...can't beat a bit of self-indulgence!

Geoff Allen - Number Change.mp3

geoff allen - cockney narrator.mp3

GeoffAllen - Dalmations.mp3

Geoff Allen Aircheck.mp3

Geoff Allen 'Three Belles' Jingle.mp3


Thanks for coming by – I'm always happy to get a visit from new friends and long-time fans (I've been in radio for a long, long time!).

We have recently moved to Gibraltar...it's a wonderful, vibrant place to live and work! I'll try and get some photos uploaded soon, but we're quite busy (and when I'm not voicing stuff or producing, I like to wander around Casemates Square and the back streets! A picture of me drinking coffee is likely to happen faster than a photo of me voicing a commercial or video presentation!!!).

Check out the sound files in the other column to get an idea of how your commercial, feature, programme or audiobook might sound. I'll be adding new audio regularly, so I look forward to seeing you back here when you're looking for something fresh and unique.

Live Appearances

Occasionally, they manage to coax me out of the studio to host an awards ceremony or attend a theatre production. I'll try and get some photos uploaded so you can see me in a dicky-bow and with a glass of something sparkling in my hand...it'll make a nice change, as I usually work in shorts and a tee-shirt!

geoff allen presenter, producer and voice-over artist

Commercial Production. Simple. Effective.

I started making radio commercials in 1974. I've won awards. With the right copy, the right voice and the right production, you can achieve amazing things in 15 or 30 seconds - and it won't cost you more than a meal for two in a restaurant!

Your commercial can combine original copy-writing, professional voice talent and a unique music bed to ensure your ad cuts through the clutter. If you decide to use us, we can have a completed radio commercial back to you on MP3 or WAV (or any other format you require) within 48 hours of script approval.

We look forward to working with you in creating a custom-made, high-response-rate radio commercial that will have customers calling...and it might even win an award!

By the way, it's not only British English voiceovers here...we can voice your project in German, Italian, Spanish, French, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch or Chinese. And if you just need something edited, mixed or mastered, we're here for that too!


My goal and my passion has always been to work hard, be creative, entertain the listener...and have some fun. I've been working in radio for more than 40 years, yet it still excites me to be in the studio every day, creating something memorable for you, your station or your product. During this time, I've put my voice and production skills to a variety of successful campaigns - a very small selection is shown above. These include a series of radio ads for Coca Cola, programme trailers for Thames TV and BBC Radio One, features and commercials for the UK Government's Central Office of Information and a summertime blitz of 15" radio commercials for Selfridges on London's Capital Radio.

A small selection of these historic ads and promos can be heard on my SoundCloud page: https://soundcloud.com/geoffallenaudio

My experience of the broadcast industry, business and teaching, combined with a warm and engaging manner, will hopefully convince you that this very tall, very nice man is a good choice for a wide range of voice and production work. Call me or email - I look forward to hearing from you.


"Geoff's writing and presentation skills are an excellent example of imaginative reporting" -- BBC Radio Editors Conference, London

"Big Geoff on the radio - best programme of the week - lovely chat and lovely music" -- Tom (listener), Ringwood  

On-Hold Messaging

When customers call your business, the first impression they have is via your phone greeting. If a live human receptionist answers the call, chances are that the caller will be placed on hold. So, are you using this captive audience to create a professional image of your company?

Many small businesses neglect this part of their marketing campaign, believing that a basic recording by an employee will suffice. Actually, the majority of those potential customers and clients are subconsciously visualising your company and premises by the audio they hear while on-hold. With a professionally recorded on-hold message that features promotional information about your company, you can determine what your callers hear and therefore enhance your company’s image.

Even existing customers may not be aware of the entire range of products or services that you offer, so this is the perfect way to let them know. Why not use a Geoff Allen Audio on-hold message to

  • List some facts about your company. How did it start? How many employees are there?
  • Give details about what your company is doing for charities in the local community
  • Describe how you can save your customers money by using your service
  • List your opening hours. Give details on holiday operating hours
  • Give exclusive discounts when customers mention specials they heard on-hold.

Remember, give your caller a reason to listen and stay on the line…because a customer that hangs up is a customer lost.

Utilising a professional voice talent to represent your company is not as expensive as you might think…you can sound as big as multi-national companies for less than £100. And a good, generic on-hold message and phone greeting should last a number of years, bringing the cost down substantially when you divide the cost by, say, 24 months.

Geoff Allen Audio Productions | Gibraltar | 00350 540 74473  geoffallenaudio@gmail.com